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Welcome to the realm where tradition meets innovation, strength meets technology, and martial arts enthusiasts embark on an exhilarating journey like never before. We are your gateway to the extraordinary – the only destination in Norway that brings you the captivating world of VR Taekwondo. 

Step into a realm where punches and kicks become dynamic dances, where discipline merges seamlessly with virtual reality, and where you can train with the masters of the past and the power of the future.


Our commitment lies in redefining your Taekwondo experience, introducing you to a revolutionary fusion of tradition and cutting-edge innovation.

As the pioneers of VR Taekwondo equipment in Norway, we take immense pride in offering you the opportunity to push your limits, embrace a new era of training, and become a part of an exclusive community of modern martial artists. 

Are you ready to step into the virtual dojo?

Join us on this groundbreaking journey and embrace the power of VR Taekwondo like never before!

What is Virtual Taekwondo and how does it work?

3.jpg has made an great introduction video, so click on the picture.


R.a.senter AS aims to be the preferred partner/organizer for corporate events, physical activities, and t-sports in Norway. Simultaneously, we aspire to drive local, national, and international t-sports competitions.


We have already gained recognition through the HADO Norway brand.

Now we are delighted to introduce VR Taekwondo to the Norwegian population, under the VR Taekwondo Norway brand.

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Just a quick note to express our sincere gratitude to Refract.

Without your belief in us, Virtual Taekwondo wouldn't be in Norway.

We value your partnership and eagerly anticipate more success together.

Håvard Lia
CEO, R.a.senter AS

"..Established in 2019, Refract is a Singapore-based technology innovation group that creates opportunities through gaming and entertainment to extend human experience beyond reality."

Source: Refract.

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